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Welcome to the home of the Prism series, a fantasy adventure series for children aged 10 and up - or anyone who longs to disappear between the pages of a book which will lead them to a brand new world where the exciting, terrifying and hilarious happens on every page!

Here you'll be able to read about your favorite characters, the myths and legends behind Prism's history and a little about the author, K.E. Stapylton.

The books tell the story of Rupert Everinham and Rabbit, their school's two least popular students, who are drawn unwittingly from this world into the land of Prism. Here they discover a beautiful land created by the powerful, mystical Alellii - a land created to form the last bastion of color in a fading universe. The evil Annihilo and his equally wicked son, Addreadon, are plotting to overrun Prism, destroy the land, and spread their stain of gray across the cosmos. As world after world disappears, so Prism becomes more and more significant as the final resistance to Annihilo's plot.

But Prism is not without hope. At the time of its creation, the Alellii gave to the people of Prism a four part Crystal - red, blue, yellow and green - which represents all the power of the Alellii and which protects Prism and all in her. As long as Prism remains, so color will not be entirely destroyed in the universe and Annihilo's plans cannot be fully realized.

On arriving in Prism, Rabbit and Rupert meet Princess Aden Justice, Prism's royal princess and daughter of the reigning king and queen, and her best friend Jasper Arrowsmith, son of Thaddeus the famous archer and arrow maker, and Naian, High Priestess over all the priestesses of Prism. From them Rupert and Rabbit discover that the Crystal has been stolen and Prism has begun to fade, both in color and spirit. Together, Rabbit, Rupert, Aden and Jasper find themselves on an almost impossible, life changing, thrilling quest to find and return the four crystal quadrants of the Crystal and save both the land of Prism and the entire universe.

The Prism series is an exciting, engaging, positive collection of five books which encourages children and adults alike to find the power in working together and the uniqueness in us all. From the lush Verdalis Hills to the terrifying utter deep, from the Green Ghosts of Ragulan and their land pirate riders to the mystical spirits in the Woods at World's Edge, The Prism series is an exciting, fast paced adventure set in a land where even the smallest and least significant of us might find ourselves unexpectedly heroes and heroines.